Diagnostic Services

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Diagnostic Services

Often underutilized and overlooked in the long-term care setting, cutting- edge technologies may not be available to this vulnerable population. Wound Healing Solutions seeks to break down these barriers. The science of wound assessment and management is rapidly growing. As such, Wound Healing Solutions prides itself in bringing many pioneering technologies to the long-term care setting. We offer diagnostics related to vascular adequacy, microbiology and cellular physiology within the facility setting.

In most of our markets, we offer bedside Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD) assessment technology, utilizing Sensilase- a product developed by Väsamed. The technology performs two vascular tests: Skin Perfusion Pressure (which assesses micro-circulation) and Pulse Volume Recording (which assesses macro-circulation). We have access to advanced methods to assess for wound infection that improve treatment outcomes and reduce unnecessary antibiotic use. Additionally, tissue sampling and lesion removal can be done at the bedside reducing treatment delays and transportation discomfort.

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