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  • 600 Clements-Bridge Road Barrington, NJ 08007
  • 855 WOUNDS1 (855-968-6371)
  • Fax 856 547 8020
  • Email: info@wounds.us

Patient Records Requests

To request patient records, send a subpoena or an Authorization for Disclosure of Protected Health Information (with any applicable supporting documentation) to the attention of "Record Requests":

  1. By mail/hand delivery at 600 Clements Bridge Road, Barrington, NJ 08007
  2. By email at recordrequest@wounds.us
  3. By fax at (856) 547-8020

Once your request is received, a member of our team will contact you with any questions or a need for additional/missing information. Please be sure to provide a current telephone number and email address for any questions our team may have relative to your request.

Requests will be fulfilled within 30 days of receipt of all applicable information unless a different deadline is required by law or court order.

Costs for retrieval, reproduction, etc., will be calculated in accordance with the applicable state's laws/regulations.

Contact Us (non records requests)

Response to COVID-19

To learn more about Wound Healing Solution's adjustments due to COVID-19, please click the link below.