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Clinical Services

Providing quality wound care within an environment of changing regulation and reimbursement can present challenges. The mission of Wound Healing Solutions is to help you navigate these challenges while providing superior wound care. Our Wound Care Certified Nurse Practitioners provide a continuum of wound management services in your long-term care facility. Facility services are typically rendered on a weekly basis and consistent with your philosophy. As our practitioners adhere to professional standards of practice, in most cases treatment plans will be in accordance with the facility formulary and protocols. Our goal is to help you provide excellence in wound and skin care.

We understand that documentation is central to our successful partnership. In addition to utilizing the documentation as a form of communication between providers, it paints a clinical picture for future reference. Wound Healing Solution’s clinical documentation is thorough; encompassing all exam and interventional elements. Moreover, it provides the necessary components for MDS completion, reimbursement of Part B dressings and your facility’s reimbursement profile.

As experts in wound management, we offer flexible solutions for wound rounds. We can conduct rounds individually, with the facility’s wound care nurse, or as a member of a wound care team to help shape the best outcomes. Our Nurse Practitioners can evaluate and manage any type of skin injury as well as provide care plan guidance for any high-risk resident.

Our Wound Certified Nurse Practitioners are skilled in advanced modalities that include conservative debridement, biopsy, compression wrap application and simple lesion removal.

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